Funky Buddha – Last Snow

Funky Buddha – Last Snow

Batch: 2015

Last Snow is a coffee & coconut porter from Funky Buddha in Florida. The brewery itself is known for the rather interesting adjuncts they brew with, such as the sweet potato casserole beer. This on the other had is a pretty safe batch of ingredients. Coconut and Coffee are two of the most overdone additions currently, but for good reason – they normally produce a delicious beer.

This beer pours a dark black with a creamy khaki head that sticks around for a bit. It’s got a pretty full body for a porter, but still not exactly thick. It leaves minimal lacing around the glass that disappears quickly without a trace.

This beer smells incredible, no way around that. There is a heavy coconut upfront with a bit of maple, coffee, and a bit of chocolate. The best comparison I can make for the aroma on this is a Somoa Girl Scout cookie.
It tastes much the same – like a liquid Somoa or a liquefied mounds bar. It really is a fantastic beer. The coconut is definitely the star of this beer, with the coffee taking a back seat. You get a bit of roasted chocolate, most likely from the base of the beer, and it mends with adjuncts perfectly.

Funky Buddha hits far more often then they miss, and this is another example of a hit. I can only imagine the Snowed In (barrel-aged version) is even better. I look forward to getting my hands on that in the coming weeks.



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