Brew Day: Black Double IPA (Irrational Gaze)

Another hoppy beer, another brew day marred with issues with our plate chiller, oh the joy. It seems whenever we make anything with aggressive amounts of hops our plate chiller seems to get clogged very early in the cooling process. We did a hopstand at for 30 minutes to try and draw everything to the middle but it still did not work. It’s starting to get frustrating, if it continues we may end up buying a hop spider. Maybe building one would be a better idea.

Anyway, Josh has wanted to do a black IPA for quite some time and we finally got it started this past weekend. Pretty standard  West Coast IPA grain bill with some added Carafa Special III malt for … the DARKNESS! We ended up overshooting our OG by a few points, but it’s ok because we pitched a healthy amount of yeast and added a lot of hops.

75 minutes @ 149F

90 minutes

Grain Bill:
14#                                         2-Row
1#                                           C-60
.5#                                          Carafa Special III

Warrior                                90 Minute
Amarillo                              30 Minute, Hopstand
Centennial                          30 Minute, 15 minute, Hopstand
Cascade                               15 minute, Hopstand

WLP090                              San Diego Super Yeast

Yeast energizer                15 minutes
Whirlfloc tablet               15 minutes

eOG: 1.071 – 1.076          aOG: 1.081
eFG: 1.018 – 1.012
eABV: 6.9%  – 7.6%

It was nearly 100F outside when finally got to mashing in this beer. We put a few things together before we started brewing so that contributed to our late start time. We mashed in at 149F with brewing salts for a double IPA. We mashed in, spraged (with our new method) that has taken our efficiency to new heights. We collected 7.4 gallons of wort and started our boil.

We used Warrior hops to bitter this beer, it’s pretty much the quintessential bittering hop for IPA/IIPAs, at least in our opinion.  Since this was 90 minute boil we waited until 30 minutes for our next hop addition. This was a half ounce of Amarillo and a half ounce of Centennial.

Next we started to do our late additions. We added .5 oz of Cascade, 1 ounce of Centennial at 15 minutes and 1 oz Amarillo, 1 oz Cascade, and .5 oz of Centennial during the hop stand. We let the hopstand run for 30 minutes at 200F and whirlpooled once it concluded.

This is where we started to have some issues though. The plate chiller clogged up after collecting about a gallon so we were in scramble mode. We ended up disconnecting the plate chiller and using our good old fashioned immersion chiller. It’s been a long time, old friend. We ran our recirculation pump with ice water to the immersion chiller and it actually brought the temp down to 66F in 20 minutes, which isn’t terrible.

We took a gravity reading and overshot our gravity by about .004 points, which is ok. We pitched a very healthy amount of yeast, and it’s high attenuating at that. The beer itself is currently fermenting away in our freshly built fermentation fridge. That was actually pretty simple as well. We are going to make a collar for it eventually.

Since we are about halfway through the year Josh & I mapped out brews for the rest of the year. We want to do 10 so we can hit our target number of brews for the year. So far we have mapped out:

  • Stout *
  • Porter *
  • Dry Hop Naked (dry hopped blonde)*
  • SMaSH Series II: 2-Row & African Queen
  • Gose*
  • Pale Ale with Denali Hops
  • Hoppy Pilsner
  • Grant Us Eyes (NEIPA w/ Nelson + Mosaic)*
  • Brown Eye Woke (Coffee + Vanilla Brown Ale)*
  • Black Kolsch

Anything with a * indicates we have brewed it once before. I think this is a solid list of beers to round out the year. Cheers.


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