The Bruery – Ride that Goat

The Bruery – Ride that Goat

Batch: 2015 (1)

Since their inception the Bruery has always had a knack for making some of the most interesting beers around; whether the beers are good or not is an entirely different story. The Bruery hits far more than they miss and “Ride that Goat” is no exception. The description on this beer is absurd – an Imperial Weizenbock aged in Bourbon Barrels. Now, a Weizenbock, or Dunkel Weizen is not the first beer style that comes to mind when you think of barrel aged treatments. However, the natural esters and spiciness the style produces may be a good fit with one another.

The beer clocks in at 13.8%, so it’s a pretty big beer. Ride that Goat pours a dark caramel type color with some red undertones, very nice color. It’s definitely on the darker end of the spectrum for Bock style beer. It pours a khaki head that lingers on top of the beer for quite some time. This beer smells great; the nose is bursting with notes of banana, bourbon, caramel, and of course natural Bock esters… a perfect infusion of all these scents.

Originally, there was no way in my mind that the taste could live up to the hype the nose created. I was wrong. Ride that Goat initially tastes like banana bread and caramel, you get hit soon after with a mild spice character followed by tons of bourbon and a slight hint of vanilla. Remarkable flavor profile, best way to describe the beer is bourbon soaked banana bread with a caramel topping. There is some residual sweetness that lingers on your palate from the bourbon barrel assumedly from the style of beer as well. This beer for being such a high ABV is very mild bodied. It isn’t too thick or thin but it sits right in the middle making the experience that much more enjoyable.

While on the surface it seems like an odd idea to pair a Bock style beer and bourbon barrels together, this is a crazy concoction that I’m glad was devised. Easily a top three Bruery release this year, and maybe even in the past two years as well.




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