Tired Hands – Parageusia III

Tired Hands – Parageusia III

Batch: III

The Parageusia series from Tired Hands brewing in Pennsylvania is heralded as an insanely complex wild ale that has had five runs already since being announced late in 2014. This version was 10 months old in February (when it was bottled) so it’s about 19 months old now. Parageusia III was aged in Cabernet Franc barrels so this expects to be loaded with vinous and stone fruit character. Tired Hands has some of the best labels and beer names in the industry, plus this looks like Soju bottle, what could go wrong?

PIII pours a deep orange with absolutely not head, at this point this bottle was pretty much flat. I can’t say it detracted from the overall experience of the beer, though. The nose is very acidic; notes of mandarin oranges and apricots dominate up front with some slight oak and vinous aromas rounding it out.

The best way to describe this beer: Orange Juice, or even citrus juice. Since there is virtually no carbonation in this beer it really does feel like you are drinking juice. Mandarin orange, tangerine, and a wine like acidity make this beer disappear rather quickly. Very easy drinker and each drink is packed with flavor and lingering wine from the barrel take a rather one dimensional beer and add just a bit more depth.

Overall this is a solid but not spectacular beer from Tired Hands. If you like orange juice with some pucker and funk, you will definitely dig this. I look forward to trying the rest of the Parageusia series in the future.




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