Jester King – Montmorency vs. Balaton

Jester King – Montmorency vs. Balaton

Batch: II

Cherry sours are one of my favorite styles of beer, it’s an extremely versatile type of sour. It can be very decadent and used as a dessert pairing or it can be a mouth puckering compliment to a juicy steak. Jester King being the master of everything sour and Krieks being a favorite of mine, needless to say this has been a must have for some time.

MvB pours a deep ruby red hue that almost explodes out of the glass. It has a slight haze to it as you would come to expect from not only Jester King but most sours in general. The aroma is pungent with both tart and sour cherries while the Jester King funk that we all know and love comes through heavy on the backend.

This is pretty light bodied beer; as you would expect. The head quickly dissolves and you are left with a light carbonation, not flat, almost perfectly carbonated. Simply put: this beer tastes phenomenal. Sour cherry juice assaults your palate instantly while you get a lingering taste of pie crust before being introduced to some funk. If you’ve ever had sour cherry pie, this is exactly what MvB tastes like. MvB boats a slight acidity, which of course comes with the territory of sours.

Montmorency vs. Balaton is not Jester Kings best offering, but this may be due to the fact that Jester King has an almost impeccable track record. If you can, definitely get your hands on this beer.





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