Bottle Logic – Picture if you will…

Bottle Logic – Picture if you will…

Batch: I (2015)

In the short time that Bottle Logic has had their barrel program up and running, they have produced some mighty fine beers (Fundamental Observation, Darkstar November). They also produced a very polarizing beer (Passionate Dragon), which in my opinion could’ve benefited from less time in the wine barrels. Either way when Bottle Logic announced “Picture If You Will,” a barrel aged pumpkin ale with spices I was immediately intrigued. My intrigue was met with relief, this is a winner.

“Picture if you will” pours a deep red, almost purple color with very minimal head. It’s a very interesting color for the type of beer this, it’s actually a really appealing color. It smells like Thanksgiving; massive notes of cinnamon and ginger dominate while the cloves take a backseat.

The body of this beer is pretty thin and not as creamy as a bourbon barrel aged Pumpkin beer would seemingly be. This however does not detract from the flavor. Flavor consists of pumpkin pie, vanilla, and a compliment of spices and bourbon from the barrels. Very complex flavor – after each sip you quickly go back for another to try and pick up all the nuances. As it warms the bourbon sits up front while the spices and vanilla kind of get toned down. Definitely drinks better as it warms.

Bottle Logic is going to continue to make creative and delicious beer and if this is a glimpse of things to come, I can’t wait.




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