Jester King – Fēn Táo (分 桃)

Jester King Fēn Táo (分 桃)

Batch II: July 2015

This beer has been a top want of mine since the first batch was announced sometime last year. I finally was able to acquire one via trade. Fēn Táo (分 桃) is a wild ale that is aged in oak barrels and refermented on Texas Hill peaches, it pours a light yellow with minimal head that dissipates quickly.

It smells of a slight funk with heavy peach/stone fruit character. There is a slight acidic character but not much, followed by a small presence of oak. The aromas of this beer meld very well together, you never get too much of one thing and nothing is overbearing.

The taste is insanely balanced. First you get that Jester King funk with a minimal amount of acidity followed by a hit of tart juicy peaches and an oak finisher. Supremely balanced, much like the nose not one aspect of this beer overtakes the other and they work in perfect harmony.

It’s light and easy to drink, but also packed with flavor. Not overly complex but the flavor is so good it keeps you coming back for more. The peach presence is not over the top but that isn’t to say it is muted.

Another stellar offering from Jester King, not quite on the level as Atrial Rubicite but it’s still a superb beer from an impressive catalog.




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